Solo albums:

«Andrey Denisov plays Bach» 2018
Toccata d-moll BWV 565
Fuga d-moll BWV 565
Prelude No. 2 c-moll BWV 847 (WTC I)
Air from Suite No. 3 D-dur BWV 1068
Prelude No. 6 d-moll BWV 851 (WTC I)
Prelude No. 1 C-dur BWV 846 (WTC I)
Prelude No. 5 D-dur BWV 850 (WTC I)
Sarabande from French Suite No. 1 d-moll BWV 812
Badinerie from Suite No. 2 h-moll BWV 1067
Toccata d-moll BWV 565 (Short Mix)

«My sentimental piano» 2016
L'été indien
Lady Madonna
From souvenirs to souvenirs
Song for guy
Wschód słońca w stadninie koni
Cosa te ne fai di un altro uomo
Ragazza d'argento
The lady in red
Amiga mia
You are so beautiful  

«Invisible Life» 2001
Invisible life
Night highway
I believe
Mistery of the magus
Misty dawn
Games of the future
Rain train
The last submersion («KURSK»)
Naughty baby
Introduction to the concert of A. Pugacheva (bonus track)

«Easy To Fly» 1996
On the wings of love
Sleeping child (to sima)
Happy nothing
Forgotten dreams
Easy to fly
«ARSENAL” (dedicated to «ARSENAL» ensemble)
Hidden power
Above the clouds
«ARSENAL 2” (reggae mix)
Prelude in e-flat minor

Particioated in recording:

«ARSENAL» Jazz-rock band
Alexej Kozlov - alto and soprano saxophones
Ivan smirnov - guitar
Andrey Denisov - keyboards
Anatoli Kulikov - bass-guitar
Igor Djavad-zade - drums
Alexander Pishchokov - tenor saxophone, flute


«ARSENAL – 5» 1989

«ARSENAL – 6» 1989 

«Flamed by The Age – IV» 1989 – 1991

«Jazz, rock and copper pipes»
The history of Arsenal 2DVD

Alla Pugacheva

«Izbrannoe» (Selected) 1999 DVD

«Izbrannoe» (Selected) 1999 2CD

«The River Trammy» 2001 

«Da!» (“Yes!”) 1998

Igor Granov’s synthy troupe «The Blue guitars»

«Panorama» 1987


 «Cafe del Mar» Vol. XIV 2007 

The Best Songs of Ibiza's Sunset 2010 3CD

Instrumental Collection — Keyboards 2 2003

Instrumental Collection — Keyboards 3 2003
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