Andrey was born in Novosibirsk.
His music education started at the age of seven, at a regular music school in Moscow.
In the seventh grade of school Andrey became the youngest member of a school vocal & instrumental rock band, where along with comming graduates he used to gradually master the stuff by «The Beatles», «Creedence Clearwater Revival» and other western rock music bands.
Playing within the band provided Andrey with a splendid opportunity to realize his patience for the classical alternative genre — popular youngster music.
In 1979 Andrey entered stage and jazz department of The October Revolution High Music School.
On graduating from the high music school in 1983 and till 1985 was having a call-up service in the Soviet Army within Moscow Millitary District. He worked as a piano and keyboards player, sometimes combining his participation with playing the drums. Exactly that period of time turned out to be the stsrting point of his career as a multiinstrumentalist.
Right after his resigning the Army in 1985 goes entering the jazz faculty, professor Igor Brill’s master class in the Gnesins Institute (State Music Academy of Music today).
Along with his studying at the Institute Andrey was invited to play within a number of music bands: Synthesis Group of Igor Granov (1985-1987), which had been previously called «The Blue Guitars»);
then (1987-1990) Andrey played keyboards within the stuff of the most famous all over Russia in those years «Arsenal» jazz-rock band /non-relative to the name of any football club/.
Right after the Institute graduation, Andrey Denisov is presented to the audience as the leader of «Air Bridge» band (1990 — 1998), which used to play reggae and latino music. During that time most of the creative plans got materialized. Apart from numerous everyday performances in all the prosperous night clubs of Moscow, it was just that very period when the musician produced more than a hundred extraordinary custom arrangements. Within the same period the band got an invitation to contract jobs in Thailand and Greece, where the musicians worked half a year in each of the countries.
Just that stage in the career might be called the period of «pure creativity» of Andrey Denisov as a musician. The culmination came to be in 1996, when the first solo instrumental album was recorded.
In 1998 Andrey’s success was followed by Alla Pugacheva’s inviting Andrey Denisov to her «Recital» band as both keyboards and music leader of the band. Through the years of working with Alla Pugacheva (1998 — 2005) there were lots of tours all around the world.
In 1999 in colaboration with Andrey Pasternak there was a real music DVD 5.1. recorded and mixed: the first experience in mixing audio and live concert video in Russia («Izbrannoe»(Selected) by Alla Pugacheva).
In 2005 a new group «ABand» was created especially for accompanying concerts by Demis Roussos and «Bad Boys Blue».
On the whole duration of his creative activity Andrey Denisov has played within variety of music crews, bands and crchestras in multiple countries, such as the U.S.A., England, Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belguim, Israel, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Thailand, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and many more spots worldwide.
During his solo career Andrey Denisov released four solo instrumental albums: «Easy to Fly» (1996), «Invisible Life» (2003), «My Sentimental Piano» (2016) and «Andrey Denisov Plays Bach» (2018).
2007, July, Andrey Denisov’s «Night Highway» was released within a new collection of exclusive tracks by composers of the genre from around the world — «Cafe del Mar» Vol. XIV.
Andrey Denisov participated in recording the following albums:
Alla Pugacheva — «Izbrannoe»(Selected) 2CD + DVD (1999); «Da!» / «Yes!» (1998); «The River Trammy» (2001).
«Arsenal» band — «Arsenal-5» (1989); «Arsenal-6» (1989); «Flamed By The Age-IV» (tracks those hadn’t been released earlier, until 1989);
Igor Granov’s Synthy Troupe («The Blue Guitars») — «Panorama» (1987);
«Instrumental Collection — Keyboards 2» (2003), «Instrumental Collection — Keyboards 3» (2003),
«Cafe Del Mar» Vol.XIV (2007), «Collection - The Best Songs of Ibiza's Sunset» (2010).
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